SWO Bible Reading Plan – Starts October 1

SWO Family,

We’re excited to announce our first Bible Reading Plan on the Snowbird app! There is no better way to encourage unity among one another than by reading God’s Word together. So, starting October 1, you’ll be able to follow along with scheduled Bible reading the SWO app.


As always, we love the solitude and focus of reading Scripture on paper, but you’ll also be able to pull up the passages and listen directly on the app as well. There are six scheduled readings per week with one built-in day to catch up if you get behind, or want to read ahead for Sunday’s sermon.

52 Weeks / 6 Days a Week / 1 Bible

Read the Bible with SWO

Make sure your Snowbird app notifications are ON and stay tuned on our social platforms for periodic announcements as we move through the Bible over the next twelve months. We’re excited to read God’s Word with you!

This Bible reading plan was originally created by Ligonier Ministries.

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