Romans 8: The Identity That Drives Godliness

Brody Holloway | Romans 8:1-11 | SWO20 Tuesday Night

Romans 8 is one of the most-loved passages in the Bible. It’s full of grace, Gospel-driven doctrine, and bridges toward the practical chapters later in the book. Brody examines what Romans 8:1-11 says about our identity as Christians, and how that applies to our daily walk with Christ.

4 Great Truths

  1. I’m free from condemnation.
  2. I’m free from bondage.
  3. The Spirit of life is in me.
  4. Death has no power over me.

2 Great Realities

  1. God is no longer punishing me because Christ has taken my punishment.
  2. If God punished me, He would be punishing someone/something that has already been paid for by Jesus’ death.

2 Dangers We Face

  1. Too much guilt, pain, and unworthiness will make me feel like I have to prove myself.
  2. I can lose the motivation to live a holy life.



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