Respond Women’s Conference: Panel Discussion

Respond : Panel Discussion

1. Once you complete the social media detox, how do you decrease awkwardness of re-entering society?

2. What does God say about fighting for your marriage when physical/emotional/sexual abuse is occurring?

3. How do we reconcile women’s rights/march with the Gospel?

4. How do you submit when you feel your spouse is not walking with the Lord? When his decisions with them, money, my desires, and even aggression are not glorifying God? When he refuses to seek help?

5. How do you forgive and show mercy when someone has abused you sexually or physically?

6. I have a desire to be a missionary, but I am single. Do you have any encouragement for me as I wait for God’s timing?

7. All of my friends are Christians, and I am around Christians at work. How do I meet lost people and get involved in the community in order to share the Gospel?

8. What do you do when your husband doesn’t lead spiritually? Is it okay to lead if he doesn’t?

9. As a single woman, I’m curious about how you balance being a wife, mom, and in ministry?