NSR: Progressive Christianity, Nationalism, & the Hope that Outlasts them Both

Christians are falling into the trap of finding their identity in politics. Our hope should not be in the government or society but in Christ alone. Our role of being a citizen in the United States should never feel bigger or more pressing than our role of being a follower of Christ. To start off season two of NSR, Brody discusses the culture today by looking at the life of Daniel who shows us how to live in a world that is so divided.

Daniel was captured by the Babylonian Empire, whose hope to try to change his allegiance and teach him their ways. But Daniel resolved that he would not be reeducated or defiled but would remain faithful to Yahweh.

Though we live in this world, we cannot embrace its ways. The world will try to redefine what is just, right, and good. There is no way for believers to live at peace with the world. Jesus brought division and came to preach repentance, not a Gospel that leaves us comfortable.

When we look at the craziness and instability of this world right now, we can know that Jesus is still on His throne. He is still in control and He will bring about justice for all people. God preserved Daniel and He will preserve us to advance the true cause of Christ to the very end. This world and all that it has to offer us is temporal. Don’t get caught up in the fray of it. The kings of this earth will rise and fall but only Jesus will last.

Resources & Links

  • Daniel 1
  • Leviticus 25
  • Genesis 11

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