NSR: A Biblical Understanding of Woke Culture, White Privilege, & BLM

This episode wraps up our 3-part series on critical race theory (CRT) and intersectionality. Brody, Zach Carter, and Zach Mabry sat down and took time to discuss and define the topics of “woke” and “white privilege”. What is happening in the culture today is wrong. 

Believers, we need to remind ourselves that the Lord will bring justice to every wrong that has been done. God is the one who vindicates wrong and we can trust that. Our job is to tell people the Truth and work to ensure just laws come into place. Christians should be alleviating the material sufferings of those around us. Let’s weep with them, mourn with them, acknowledge that this is sin, and tell the truth about it. 

It is dangerous for the Christian to be pressing into this ideology of CRT and intersectionality. We already have a mission and a command to take part in the work of building the Kingdom. The things of this world are vapor. The world doesn’t need more people setting low bars. We need something that transcends this world. One day God will make everything right again. The culture is asking the questions, so we need to answer them. The world doesn’t know why these things are happening but they can acknowledge that the current order is not right. The Gospel is the answer.

If you believe in Heaven then you can wait for God’s good justice to come. It is not our job to pick up the sword and think that we can make it right on this earth. While you wait, meet the material needs that you can and be faithful to proclaim the hope that you have.

Bible passages

  • Ephesians 2:6
  • Psalm 24

Resources & further study

  • Christ and Culture Revisited by D. A. Carson
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  • Whose Science? Whose Knowledge?: Thinking from Women’s Lives by Sandra Harding

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