Missions Conference: What You Can Do

Brody Holloway : Missions Conference : April 22, 2018

What can we do?

First: Remember– it’s all about Jesus!  It’s not about us. 

Brody gives 5 things believers can do now to be on mission with the Gospel:


1. Make the worship of God by all peoples the number one priority in your life. 

  • Study the people groups of the world.  Study their history and their religion.  Joshuaproject.net, peoplegroups.org.
  • There are around 16,000 people groups in over 200 Countries in the world; about half of them haven’t been reached with the Gospel.
  • 2.5 – 3 billion people in the world have never even heard the name of Jesus and don’t have the opportunity to.

2. Pray for the world. 

  • Pray for individual people groups by name.
  • Pray for specific missionaries and their families and the work they are doing.
  • Know who your church supports. 
    • Write letters of support to these missionaries.
    • If there is no real active supporting work in your church, then get it going.

3. Multiply.

  • Reach your part of the world with the Gospel.  You can reach and disciple your friends and family by the way you live and the Gospel you share.
  • Understand the Gospel. Study it often. Out of the abundance of knowing Scripture in your heart, you will share it.
  • See your lost friends as people who are broken and in need of a Savior. 
  • Share Christ with others whenever you can.
  • Sit with those who are less fortunate, less popular, or maybe who are just not like you.
    • Invite them into your home.
    • Invite them to go with you to youth or church on Sunday.
  • Use the gifts and opportunities that God has given you, e.g., band, sports, interests, family, life experiences.

4. Go. 

  • Pray about doing a short-term trip as soon as you can gain the opportunity.
  • Pray about spending your life going to those who haven’t heard.
  • Use your career path to reach people and engage the lost.

5. Care.

  • Just care about people. Choose to care! We are often only about ourselves. Let’s let our lives be about Jesus and about others.

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