Marriage: Parenting on Mission

Hank Parker Jr : Marriage Conference : Parenting on Mission : October 19 , 2018

Breakout Session

We live in a different world. Every generation has had its own issues to deal with in parenting, but the root of all of these issues is sin. We are broken people living in a broken world. We can look at what we see around us and see the different contexts but we have to look at the root or cause of the issue to really understand how to lead our families well.

What does it mean to parent on Mission? The Bible has a lot to say about parenting and about the mission all believers have been called to. Because God saved us, rescued us from the domain of darkness, and adopted us into His family, everything we do, whether it’s work, marriage, relationships, or parenting, should be done in light of this new relationship.

We parent on mission because it is all about the glory of God and joy found in Christ. Satan is a thief who wants to defame God by robbing your family and lulling us to sleep while there is a world that is going to hell. God has won in Christ and He is saving a people for Himself and He has called us to this mission. May we raise kids who embrace this mission and impact the culture of their day for the glory of God.