Marriage: Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion : Marriage Conference : April 13, 2019


  1. I want to start leading my wife and kids toward the Lord but I did not grow up in a home like that. Where and how do I start?
  2. I am more of a natural leader than my husband. How can I encourage him to lead without manipulating the situation?
  3. How do we move past deep hurts that we have caused each other? What does forgiveness look like for us?
  4. We are trying to use hospitality to reach people for the Gospel. Do you have any tips on how to best do that? How do we also protect our time as a family?
  5. How would you counsel a wife whose husband is battling an addiction to pornography?
  6. When should we seek counsel from outside the marriage for an issue, versus protecting each other by dealing with it ourselves? How do we guard against just venting to friends and enabling sin to continue?
  7. How is a wife supposed to want and enjoy sex with her husband when things outside of the bedroom are bothering her? Such as an argument, lack of regular support, etc.
  8. What are some guidelines for handling disagreements?