Marriage Conference: Panel Discussion

marriage-header-16Panel Discussion : Marriage Conference : Saturday Afternoon

Panel Questions

“We know communication is vital to our marriage and our marriage’s success but we don’t know how to get better at it, what tips can you give us?”

“What does submission to my husband look like?”

“Is there any hope for me to change the way I deal with being angry?”

“My father was not a leader, he let my mom run the show and stayed out of the way. I see these tendencies in me. How do I learn to be the head of the home and what does this look like?”

“My wife doesn’t enjoy sex, when she does it I feel disgusting because I can tell she’s just going through the motions and doesn’t enjoy it. I can feel myself growing insecure about it, what should I do?”

“How important is it for the wife to fulfill her sexual duty? What if sex is infrequent?”

“I feel people look down on me because I’m a stay at home mom. My husband comes home commenting on how hard his job is, I downplay the difficulty of his job and mention the difficulty of my day because I feel the weight of the opinions of others, what should I do?”

“My wife’s father was a bully in the house, she’s very sensitive to any kind of leadership that I show. I don’t want to ignore her pain and I don’t want to ignore my responsibility. What’s the balance here?”

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