Iron on Iron : Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion : Iron on Iron Pre-Conference : September 7, 2019

Joseph Tucker, Steve Brooks, Ricky Smith, Jason Salyer, Rob Conti 

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Panel Questions:

  1. How do you approach discipling students outside of teaching and programming?
  2. What wisdom/encouragement would you give to those who are first-time youth pastors/ are new to student ministry?
  3. Why is it valuable to build partnerships with other student pastors and student ministries?
  4. How do you equip students to remain faithful in a culture that’s increasingly more hostile to Christianity?
  5. How do you deal with depression and anxiety in ministry? What are some ways to combat these struggles?
  6. How can youth pastors help parents see their responsibility to discipline their own kids? What about parents who are unbelievers?
  7. How can student pastors get the church to buy into the vision of the student ministry?
  8. What role, and how much of a role should media have in student ministry?
  9. How can a youth pastor align the youth ministry’s vision with the overall vision of the church?


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