Hypocrisy & Consistency: Sincere Love that Reflects Jesus

Brody Holloway | Romans 12 | SWO20 Friday Night

God’s Word calls us to a steady, consistent life of following Jesus.

Christians, we must love people with a real, genuine, and sincere love that reflects Christ. Instead of overanalyzing the world around us, sometimes we just need to love people well.

Too often, we “put on” our Christianity as a big, oversized mask that hides who we really are underneath? This is the definition of a “hypocrite.”

Live in moderation. Walk consistently in every area of life. Do these things and it will create a genuine walk in you. If you’re inconsistent, it will be difficult for people to take you seriously as a Christian.

  • Hate what is evil.
  • Love what is good.
  • Be the feet of Jesus.
  • Care about other people and be driven by the Gospel.

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