He Fulfilled the Law and Perfected It

I went to jail this past week.  I was only visiting, but it definitely got my attention and reminded me that I want to obey the law and never spend any time there.  To follow the law of the land is actually not very difficult.  In fact, it is pretty easy.  Don’t speed, don’t steal stuff, don’t use drugs, and on and on they go.  But God’s law is different.  In fact, it is not only impossible to follow, but it can actually help us to see our need for Christ.  He fulfilled, and perfected the law.  He never broke any of the commandments of scripture, but I have.  The Law of God was never meant to save me.  It was only meant to give me a look at the need I have for a Savior who is bigger than me.  The Law is like a mirror.  It shows me that I need someone to rescue me from the demands and consequences of it.  A mirror may reveal a smudge on my face,  but it is not what I need to remove the smudge.  In fact, I need a washcloth and some soap.  The mirror shows me what I need, but I then must act on it.

The Law reveals the fact that I am a sinner, but it doesn’t save me.  It doesn’t cleanse me.  Jesus does.  He fulfilled the Law and perfected it.  He alone provides salvation for me.