Gospel-Driven Resources for Reaching Muslims

pakistani muslim

June 6 (today) – July 5 marks the month of Ramadan for Muslims around the world. Over the next 30 days followers of Islam will be fasting and praying as a community event. Each evening the fast is traditionally broken with a large feast enjoyed with extended family and friends.

There is no better time for us reach out to those in the throes of Islam. They need to hear the saving Gospel of Jesus. We must love Muslims with grace, teach the truth of repentance and proclaim the glory of Jesus Christ.

Below are some resources that we recommend to aid in evangelism with Muslims.

  1. What to Know about Ramadan (article)
    1. The Center for Great Commission Studies at SEBTS
  2. Finding God in the City: Making Sense of An Urban World (book)
    1. Brad Stanley
  3. Any-3: Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time. Lead Muslims to Christ Now! (book)
    1. Mike Shipman
  4. Pray for Muslims During Ramadan
    1. Youth With a Mission (YWAM)
    2. 30 days of guided prayer
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