The Bulletin: Translated Country Names, When the King of Skate Met a Missionary, and Gospel- Centered Youth Ministry

Welcome to the first ever Friday Bulletin!

We are passionate about a lot of things! First and foremost, we love Jesus and making Him known. We love meeting new people and continuing long-standing relationships. We love good stories and good humor. Our desire for these Friday Bulletins is to share with you what we are reading, watching, listening to, and following. Every week we will post things that have made us laugh, encouraged us, and pushed us closer to the Lord. We hope you will enjoy these things that we have also enjoyed!

Donald Whitney video: How spiritual disciplines work in our sanctification.

Check out this World Map of literally translated country names – Mexico and Papau New Guinea are our favorites.

When the “King of Skate” Met a Missionary

10 takeaways from the Sexual Abuse Advisory Group Report. The Southern Baptist Convention has put together an official report in response to the sexual abuse crisis that is crushing our nation. The report aims to show, “how Southern Baptists at every level can take discernable action to respond swiftly and compassionately to incidents of abuse, as well as to foster safe environments within churches and institutions.”

The College at Southeastern is one of our closest ministry partners; they have some exciting news from the previous dean, Jamie Dew and the new dean, Scott Pace.

Don’t forget about our brothers and sisters who are being imprisoned and killed for their faith in Jesus. It’s easy to look at the world today and think we are getting better, but recent research shows about 1 in every 12 Christians lives in a place where their faith is illegal, forbidden, or punished. Last week in Niger Christians were told to leave their village or be killed. Follow organizations like Open Doors or Voice of the Martyrs and pray for the body of Christ that is living under persecution.

This summer at SWO we are giving every youth pastor a copy of Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry by Cameron Cole. Cole is the chairman of Rooted Ministry and keeps the focus of youth ministry on the Gospel rather than turning to trends or tricks. Since our early years, this has been a pillar of ministry here at SWO, so we are excited to get this into the hands of like-minded pastors and youth workers.

From the SWO Archives: June is PTSD awareness month

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