College Retreat: The Narrow Way of Christ

Brody Holloway | College Retreat 2021 | Saturday Night

Believer, you are called to action. There is an expectation placed on you to follow Christ faithfully. The way of the Christian life is narrow and difficult, and even the gate itself is narrow. This means things must be left outside of it. We leave our old selves and the world behind. The wide gate seems so much easier but it’s not in the long run. Anything of high value will cost you something. Following Christ leads to lasting joy through expensive grace.

In the face of so-called “deconstructions of faith”, God has deconstructed what the world values. Social movements of the world have no eternal value compared to the work of the cross. Beware of false prophets and keep your hands on the plow. Fix your eyes on Christ and lead the fight.


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