4 Books that Equip Faithful Evangelism

Christ’s final words on earth commanded us to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). Making disciples begins with evangelism. The grace and love we’ve received prevents us from withholding the glorious news of Jesus Christ. The Son of God came to earth as a baby, lived a sinless life, died on the cross to pay our sin debt, and rose victorious on the third day, conquering death. He is now sitting on His throne in Heaven. He will return again and that truth should be our motivation for evangelism.

Faithful evangelism requires Spirit-saturated Bible immersion, fervent passion, and an infectious love for Jesus. This is what the Holy Spirit is growing within all Christians– one day at a time. The Spirit is molding us more into the image of Christ and that reality is our public testimony to the truth of the Gospel.

The Bible is the infallible and inerrant Word of God. It is sufficient preparation to share the Gospel with others (evangelism). The Lord has also given us the gift of the Church and particular gifts through His people. We are able to learn from brothers and sisters who have walked through seasons of growth and faithfulness in evangelism.

Check out some SWO-approved resources on evangelism below:


Tell the Truth

By Will Metzger

Read it if: You’ve ever felt like evangelism was a task or chore, rather than the privilege of carrying the message of life to those who are dying.

“Our evangelism needs to stress a God of holiness, not just a God who exists to give us good times and pleasant feelings. We gained redemption through a sovereign Savior rather than through a relationship to him as a mere friend.” – Will Metzger

“If we don’t treat people as persons when we witness to them, we deny a basic tenet of the very gospel in which we believe. If we turn this outline into a formula, we have depersonalized those we encounter.” – Will Metzger

“The content of our message is Christ and God, not our journey to faith. Our personal testimony may be included, but witnessing is more than reciting our spiritual autobiography. Specific truths about a specific person are the subject of our proclamation. A message has been committed to us—a word of reconciliation to the world.” – Will Metzger

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Honest Evangelism

By Rico Tice

Read it if: You’ve ever hesitated or backed down from sharing the message of Jesus because you worried you might offend someone. Or, if you’ve ever worried what people would think about you.

“I find evangelism hard. The problem with being an evangelist is that people assume that you find evangelism effortless; but I don’t find it easy, and never have. For me, telling people about Jesus has often been nerve-wracking.” – Rico Tice

“We do not speak for Christ because we do not so love his name that we cannot bear to see him unacknowledged and unadored. If only our eyes were opened to see his glory, and if only we felt wounded by the shame of his public humiliation among men, we should not be able to remain silent. Rather would we echo the apostles’ words [in Acts 4 v 20]: “we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.” – Rico Tice

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Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus

By Mack Stiles

Read it if: You think evangelism only refers to one-on-one conversations, that lead to a repeatable prayer of salvation.

“I would like to make the case that the biggest reason churches’ evangelism cultures are sick is not that we have a fear of man or that we don’t have the right strategy or method of evangelism—as big as those issues may be—but that we do not understand the church.” – Mack Stiles

“The church is God’s strategic plan for evangelism with one overarching mission: to go to all peoples to make disciples, teaching them to obey everything Christ has commanded—including forming new churches (Matt. 28:18–20).” – Mack Stiles

“But a culture of evangelism is grassroots, not top-down. In a culture of evangelism, people understand that the main task of the church is to be the church. We’ve already seen that church practices are a witness in and of themselves. Certainly the church supports and prays for outreach and evangelistic opportunities, but the church’s role is not to run programs. The church should cultivate a culture of evangelism. The members are sent out from the church to do evangelism. I know this may seem a bit picky, but it’s really important. If you don’t get this right, you can subvert the church—or be wrongly angry with church leadership.” – Mack Stiles

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Any 3: Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time: Lead Muslims to Christ Now!

By Mike Shipman

Read it if: You’ve always wanted a simple framework to start genuine conversations with people.

“When we treat evangelism as merely one of the Christian virtues, it rarely produces much fruit. When evangelism becomes our passion as we walk day by day with Christ, it produces much fruit.” – Mike Shipman

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We have no excuse to shrink back from proclaiming the Gospel to souls in need of reconciliation to their Creator. We commend the Bible as the primary tool in your path toward more faithful evangelism. However, we’ve read these four works and routinely use them as resources to sharpen our approach to sharing the Gospel. Let us know if you have any specific questions on these books (or others).

The mission of Snowbird is to equip the local church to make disciples at home and abroad. Comment below with any requests or topic suggestions for future content, and be sure to check out all of our sermons and resources in the top menu.