A Conversation on Pain, Suffering, & Trusting Jesus

Brody Holloway |
August 4, 2020

What does hope look like in the middle of suffering? Suffering isn’t easy, but the Gospel gives us hope—that’s sometimes unexplainable. Brody had this conversation with Brooke Mitchell, SWO summer staffer, about how she’s faced the suffering of losing her mom to cancer earlier this year.

Brooke’s mom was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. Earlier in 2020, she found out her cancer had returned, and she passed two weeks later. Sometimes, our experience of suffering is a gift we can provide to others.

The Lord is holding us in His hands, every day. And, He uses the Body of Christ to encourage and carry us through the most painful times.

“The Lord has a plan for this, even if I don’t see it now.”

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