COVID-19 Action Plan For SWO21

While we know that every student is excited about Summer camp at SWO, we understand that parents, church staff and chaperones may have health concerns in sending student groups to SWO. Here are some precautions SWO is taking to mitigate the spread of illness this Summer. 

Please keep in mind: An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any place where people are present. Our protocols do not ensure the safety of camp attendees, but are efforts to reduce exposure to COVID-19 for all of our SWO community. Please feel free to contact our office for more information.

Cleaning protocols

Every bathroom, surface, kitchen and common space is thoroughly cleaned multiple times per day according to our COVID cleaning protocol. Every weekend, we take the opportunity to deep clean and sanitize every cabin. 

Increased Hand Washing stations

We have increased the availability of handwashing stations at SWO, installing sinks at key locations on campus. Students have easy access to soap and water at these stations at all times. 

Increased Hand Sanitizer availability

SWO has installed self-dispensing hand sanitizer units at each cabin for student use. Additionally, hand sanitizer will be dispensed upon entry to the Metal Building for meals and the Coop for meals. We also have placed dispensers at other locations on campus for easy access. 

Partnership with Churches

Our first line of defense against the spread of illness is what you are already doing at home. Here’s how you can help us keep students safe at SWO: 

Please contact your group coordinator if your student or child has had symptoms of illness within 72 hours of leaving home for SWO. Every group must conduct temperature checks on each student before leaving home. We are sending each student pastor a temperature checklist to record their students temperatures. This report must be submitted to SWO upon arrival.


This Summer at SWO, the schedule will look a bit different! In efforts to spread things out this Summer, all campers will be divided into smaller (“cohort”) groups which will rotate through meals, recreation and more*. To this end, we’ve created additional meal times, rec slots, and more. 

No shared cabin space

Rest easy, knowing that your church’s cohort will not be sharing living quarters with any other cohort. People who come as individuals will be divided into their own groups for lodging and rotation. Church groups with 35 or less may be combined with one other church group to create a “cohort”. 

**SWO staff working with your church will also be joining your cohort for the week. 

No shared activities

As part of the rotation, you’ll cycle through all on campus activities as a “cohort” group.  If you elect to take part in off campus activities, and the group size dictates, you may be paired with another cohort for that activity. 

*Students and staff are welcome to wear masks, but will not be required to wear masks this Summer.