Are you studying Colossians right now? Check out this list of Snowbird resources from our camp pastors. We pray they will be a big help in equipping you and your students to follow Christ, make disciples, and impact this generation.

Video Study: Verse by Verse

Bible Study by Zach Mabry

A Study Through Colossians

By Zach Mabry

One of the most important things we can do together as Christians is to work through different passages of the Bible with each other. What a great way for God to convict us, teach us and lead us into instant accountability. 

If you’re looking for a small group Bible study that goes deep into the identity of Jesus Christ then this Colossians study is where you want to start.

Zach Mabry has prepared this expositional study by breaking the book into twelve concise sections that teach the reader how to read and study the Word of God on their own. His practical approach to understanding and applying God’s Word is refreshing for students and anyone else who is hungry to know Christ more.