Spencer Davis

Knowing How To Spot Wolves In The Church


Spencer Davis | Be Strong | Saturday Morning There are wolves in our churches and we need to be able to recognize them.  Wolves take the beautiful doctrine of God’s … Continue reading

Spencer Davis May 12, 2022
Event Session

Jesus As Prophet, Priest, & King | Be Strong

Spencer Davis | Be Strong Men, we’re called to mimic Christ in the roles of prophet, priest, and king.  We’re called to lead in the way of obedience, joy, and … Continue reading

Spencer Davis April 19, 2022
Event Session

Satan’s Lies About Sex & Love

Spencer Davis | Pure and Holy 2022 | Sunday Morning The enemy has had years to perfect his algorithm of feeding us lies that align with the desires of the … Continue reading

Spencer Davis April 7, 2022
Event Session

Prepare Your Mind For Action

Spencer Davis  | Winter SWO22  | Session 6 Christians, we need to prepare our minds for action. Our old self would give in to any desire it wanted to—not caring about … Continue reading

Spencer Davis March 22, 2022
Event Session

There Is No Halfway Obedience

Fall Retreats 2021 True worship comes from the heart. In Daniel 3, King Nebuchadnezzar doesn’t care about the conditions of people’s hearts. He just wanted to be worshipped. But Shadrach, … Continue reading

Spencer Davis December 9, 2021
Event Session

Reflecting God’s Love For Your Spouse

Spencer Davis | Marriage Conference 2021 Very few people love others well.  In this world, we don’t love the way that we should. We tend to be selfish and always … Continue reading

Spencer Davis November 11, 2021
Event Session

Make Every Effort

Spencer Davis | Be Strong | Friday Night How do we finish well? How do we fight the good fight and finish the race?  To kick off Be Strong, Spencer … Continue reading

Spencer Davis October 12, 2021
Event Session

Hard Questions in Youth Ministry: Panel Discussion


2017 Iron on Iron Conference Panel: Jeff Martin, Rob Conti, Steve Brooks, Quintell Hill Moderator: Spencer Davis Hebrews 6, 1 Corinthians 6, 2 Timothy 4, Ephesians 4, Colossians 1:28, 1 … Continue reading

Steve Brooks September 2, 2021
Event Session

How To Study Your Bible (SWO21 Breakout)


Spencer Davis | SWO21 | Breakout Why is studying the Bible such a hard habit for Christians? Are there any “hacks” that make Bible studier easier? In this breakout, we’ll look … Continue reading

Spencer Davis September 2, 2021
Event Session

Culture & Race (SWO21 Breakout)

Spencer Davis | SWO21 | Breakout Our culture is currently combatting racism on a national scale… but how is it working out? Are the tools of CRT and Intersectionality useful … Continue reading

Spencer Davis August 31, 2021
Event Session