Rob Conti

Sharing The Gospel With Confidence | SWO22 Breakout


SWO22 | Rob Conti  | Thursday Breakout Jesus told us to go tell everyone about the good news—the good news that they can have eternal life, be forgiven of sin, … Continue reading

Rob Conti September 6, 2022
Event Session

A Battle Worth Fighting | SWO22

SWO 22 | Rob Conti  | Wednesday Night Guy’s Session  2 Samuel 11  Deuteronomy 17:14-20 Romans 8:1  Psalm 51 

Rob Conti August 23, 2022
Event Session

The Path To The Throne | SWO22


SWO22 | Rob Conti | Friday Morning 1 Samuel 24

Rob Conti August 14, 2022
Event Session

Pursuing Joy In Christ | SWO22

SWO22 | Rob Conti | Wednesday Morning Psalm 13

Rob Conti August 11, 2022
Event Session

Before The Throne Of Grace


Be Strong | Rob Conti | Sunday Morning The Levitical priesthood was designed to point to something better.  Christ is superior because His priesthood will never end. There is now … Continue reading

Rob Conti May 5, 2022
Event Session

Glorify God Through Your Sufferings

Rob Conti  | Winter SWO 22 | Session Five The One who has saved and rescued us is the only One who has the power to keep us. God has … Continue reading

Rob Conti March 15, 2022
Event Session

The Living and Abiding Word of God

Rob Conti | Winter SWO 22 | Session Three  The Word of God is central to our salvation and sanctification.  As believers, we need to examine what we are filling … Continue reading

Rob Conti March 10, 2022
Event Session

Guarding Against a Heart of Unbelief

Rob Conti | College Retreat 2022 | Saturday Morning

Rob Conti February 15, 2022
Event Session

Faith That Doesn’t Compromise

Fall Retreat 2021 It is easy to start making compromises in your faith. The world wants you to become more like it—and less like Christ. In this session, Rob walks … Continue reading

Rob Conti December 2, 2021
Event Session

A Perfect Savior For Imperfect Marriages

Rob Conti | Marriage Conference 2021 There is no perfect marriage—but take hope in the truth that Christ is the perfect Savior. If we aren’t careful in our marriages, we … Continue reading

Rob Conti November 9, 2021
Event Session