Jon Rouleau

Jesus is Coming, Be Ready | Fall Retreat

Jon Rouleau | Sunday Morning Jesus is coming and we need to be ready. While we’re waiting, we need to be diligent to pursue Christ and holiness. In 2 Peter … Continue reading

Jon Rouleau November 16, 2022
Event Session

The Example of Brotherhood from Jonathan & David | Be Strong

Men’s Conference | Jon Rouleau | Saturday Morning The Church needs brothers.  The richness of biblical community makes a difference in your walk with the Lord. Jonathan and David were … Continue reading

Jon Rouleau October 13, 2022
Event Session

Preparing Your Students for a Post-Christian World | Iron on Iron

Youth Ministry Conference | Jon Rouleau | Breakout Today, there is a rejection of truth and an elevation of narrative.  Culture is shifting because of social media and it is … Continue reading

Jon Rouleau September 29, 2022
Event Session