Backpacking 2015

October 1, 2015   •   By:

Here are a couple of pics from our backpacking section. We had to pull our team out because of threats of some localized flash flooding. No worries – on to … Continue reading

Erin & Julie – SWO Institute for OLD School

September 28, 2015   •   By:

Hey y’all, my name is Erin Fleming and it’s my honor to serve as one of the two OLD School interns, and to be able to share with you guys … Continue reading


Proctor Training Update – Sea Kayaking

September 4, 2015   •   By:

Hello! My name is Jeremy and I am one of the semester proctors. Sarah and I are hard at work here at Snowbird but we wanted to take some time … Continue reading

End of the Semester

December 15, 2014   •   By:

As we have reached the end of the 2014 OLD School Semester, we have mixed feelings. We’re sad to see these OLD School students go… we liked them a LOT! … Continue reading

More Semester Pictures

December 2, 2014   •   By:

Things are going great here at Snowbird! The OLD School program is coming to a close soon. Our last section, the Honduras trip, begins Thursday. Please be praying for our … Continue reading

Backpacking update

September 23, 2014   •   By:

We recently re-supplied our OLD School students on their 14 day backpacking section. Students received re-rations of food and spices, and got some treats: fresh fruit and veggies. These students … Continue reading


Southeastern University Partnership

September 19, 2014   •   By:

If you’ve not yet heard the news, OLD School is now partnering  with Southeastern University for college credit! We are very excited about this relationship, and the opportunity to offer … Continue reading


Anne Tully hiking CDT

April 30, 2014   •   By:

Anne Tully is hiking another trail! Last week she set out on the Continental Divide Trail and will be ministering to hikers throughout the summer until she completes the trail … Continue reading

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