Merry Christmas, Remember Jesus

December 24, 2019   •   By:

Merry Christmas from Snowbird! Our prayer is that your Christmas season has been filled with the joy of Christ Jesus. God became and laid Himself down for our salvation—those who … Continue reading


SWO APPROVED: Joy Has Dawned

December 23, 2014   •   By:

We have a lot of discussions about music here in our offices. It’s cool to be able to encourage each other with solid music made by great artists– especially when … Continue reading


SWO Approved: God Rest Ye Merry

December 22, 2014   •   By:

Zach Mabry loves books and loves theology. The Lord has gifted him with a brilliant mind and deep understanding of the Christian faith. So, we asked him for a list … Continue reading


SWO APPROVED: The Star of Bethlehem

December 21, 2014   •   By:

When I walked around camp the other day, one of the most consistent answers to “what are your favorite Christmas Resources,” was the Star of Bethlehem Documentary. Several staff members … Continue reading


SWO Approved: “The Expected One”

December 20, 2014   •   By:

Shawn and Bethany Clark have created several great traditions in the life of their family, and do an amazing job pointing their four boys to birth of Christ during the … Continue reading


SWO APPROVED: The Greatest Gift

December 19, 2014   •   By:

I asked Rob Conti what he and his family have been doing for Christmas this year. He and Sarah have been reading through this book called “The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping … Continue reading


SWO Approved: “Behold the Lamb of God”

December 18, 2014   •   By:

Andrew Peterson has been producing phenomenal music for decades, his Christmas tour has no rival in its focus on Christ as the Messiah who has come. If you can make … Continue reading


SWO APPROVED: HeartFelt Truths

December 17, 2014   •   By:

Every family has different Christmas traditions and many of our staff members have very young families. This recommendation is from The Clarks. Bethany told me that she and Shawn have … Continue reading

SWO APPROVED: The Nativity Story

December 16, 2014   •   By:

Christmas is such a fun time of year! This year, we want to share what our staff does to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Brody and his family watch … Continue reading


SWO Approved: Advent Resources

December 5, 2014   •   By:

Because of Christ, Christmas really is the greatest time of the year. During the month of December, Snowbird families are busy celebrating with family and remembering the glorious gift of … Continue reading