LineSnackers: SWO20 Snack Shack

August 20, 2020   •   By:

Sellouts: SWO20 Snack Shack

August 19, 2020   •   By:

What Dreams Are Made Of: SWO20 Snack Shack

August 18, 2020   •   By:
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Failed Commercial Tryouts: SWO20 Snack Shack

August 17, 2020   •   By:

Accepting Applications for Food Service Staff

July 28, 2020   •   By:

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters, a Christian high-adventure recreation camp located in Andrews, NC, is looking for upbeat, hard-working food service staff … Continue reading

SWO Staff: Catie Cloys

July 10, 2020   •   By:

What is your job at SWO? How long have you been here? I am currently the office intern here at … Continue reading

SWO Staff: Sarah Trego

July 1, 2020   •   By:

What is your role at SWO? I am currently a part of the Institute program at Snowbird. I take classes … Continue reading

SWO Staff: Saige Valfre

June 25, 2020   •   By:

What is your role at SWO? I have been at SWO since May of last year; this past summer was … Continue reading

SWO Staff: Katlyn Wyble

June 17, 2020   •   By:

What is your role at SWO? While I don’t have an official job at Snowbird I do have the greatest … Continue reading

SWO20 Breakouts

June 5, 2020   •   By:

The SWO20 breakouts have been finalized! The schedule will look a little different from last summer, but you can be … Continue reading