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Why the Make War Purity Weekends Matter

January 25, 2015   •   By:

In two decades of student ministry, a lot has changed, both in American culture, and in the church.  The Internet has been the primary catalyst for so much change, but the … Continue reading

Christ is Our Only Hope

April 30, 2013   •   By:

We travel all over the country, and even to other countries quite often, preaching in a huge variety of settings. Occasionally we are in large, cathedral-type churches, but most often … Continue reading


Let it Snow

January 11, 2011   •   By:

It won’t stop snowing.  I mean, if I lived up north then I would expect it.  But, this is the south.  This is my homeland.  This is the place where … Continue reading


A Response to Twilight

January 6, 2009   •   By:

I have been in student ministry now for the better part of two decades.  In that time there have been numerous topics that have surfaced that all seem to have … Continue reading

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