Learning from the Kings

Leonidis, Mufasa, Kong…. Epic kings from the past have so much to teach us. What can we learn from them? How do we take ownership of “everywhere the light touches”?

God appointed the kings to be his servants, to be His representatives on earth. As we look through the lives of the Kings, in retrospect, we can see their successes and failures. As men, we are also appointed by God to be His representatives and He has individually placed us in different spheres of influence. We may not have a kingdom, but we do have a specific domain to which God has called us. We need to learn from both the successes and failures of these earthly kings, while striving to emulate Jesus, the King of all Kings.  

March 20-22, 2020

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Coming This Fall:

September 25-27, 2020

Wisdom from the Prophets

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“I came away with new energy and a thirst to be the man my God created so long ago.” – Mike

“The teaching was incredible and the recreation was amazing. It was a much needed weekend that helped me understand what biblical masculinity truly is.” – Jacob

“The mountains, the hospitality, the worship, the teaching, the food, it was all leveraged for Him to speak clearly…life-changing. We’ll be back for more.” – Ben

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