COVID-19 Policies For Adult Retreats At Snowbird

Here at SWO we are being proactive in the areas of detection and prevention of illness for all of our attendees.

Our partnership with those attending SWO is our first line of defense against the spread of illness. This partnership begins at home.
We are requiring some extra effort from you in anticipation of your time at camp. Your efforts will help to serve SWO, the others attending your event, and the churches they’ll return home to.

Here are some changes to expect:

1. Temperature check before leaving

We will be sending you a temperature check list for you to record each attendee’s temperature before leaving for SWO. Please check each attendee’s temperature immediately before leaving for SWO, and record it on the check list sheet. This report must be submitted to SWO upon arrival (more on that below). Any attendee exhibiting a temperature of 100 degrees or greater immediately before leaving for SWO will not be able to attend SWO for the event.

2. Temperature check upon arrival

As soon as your vehicle arrives at SWO, you’ll notice a different sort of process. Check in will operate the same, but first every attendee will have an initial temperature check. You’ll be directed to pull your vehicle down to a numbered tent just inside the main entrance of camp. Here, you will be greeted by one of our trained temperature check teams. You’ll present your completed temperature check list to the team, get your temperature checked, and head down to the office to get checked in. Each attendee will be directed through the temperature check process before they can proceed.

Temperatures will be recorded. If any attendee’s temperature reads above the 100 degree threshold, that attendee will be directed to a comfortable area for a re- evaluation. Any attendee exhibiting a temperature of 100 degrees or greater upon arrival at SWO will not be able to attend SWO for the event.

3. Increased Cleaning protocols

Every bathroom, surface, kitchen and common space is thoroughly cleaned multiple times per day according to our COVID cleaning protocol. We’ve upped our daily cleaning checklists in all areas of camp.

4. Increased Hand Washing stations

We have increased availability of hand washing stations at SWO, installing sinks at key locations on campus. Attendees have easy access to soap and water at these stations at all times.

5. Increased Hand Sanitizer availability

SWO has installed self-dispensing hand sanitizer units at each cabin for attendee use. Additionally, hand sanitizer will be available upon entry to the Metal Building and Coop for meals. We also have placed dispensers at other locations on campus for easy access.

6. Cohorts

During your retreat at SWO, the schedule will look a bit different! In efforts to spread things out this retreat, all attendees will be grouped into “cohort” groups by cabin. Your cabin cohort will stick together, rotating through meals, recreation and more. To this end, we’ve created additional meal times, rec slots, and more.

This retreat at SWO will likely look a bit different, but our Mission remains the same. Thanks for being flexible and for your efforts to partner with us for a healthy environment at SWO, and for the furtherance of the Gospel. Please feel free to contact our office for more information.