Experienced Teachers
“When I asked students what their favorite part of camp was, about half said the teaching. Wow. What a testimony to their experience.”

What God Expects
“Looking forward to next year. One high school student put it this way: ‘I did not leave SWO with a temporary Jesus rush or high. I left there with a deeper understanding of what God expects from me and how I should live out the Gospel on a daily basis.’”

Spiritual growth
“Snowbird is always a great opportunity for me as a leader to spiritually recharge and prepare myself to lead at my church. It is always refreshing to have such solid teaching to remind me that my life belongs to Christ who saved me. The recreation time is incredible fun but pales in comparison to the importance of the spiritual growth that occurs there at Snowbird.”

A place like no other
“Snowbird is a place like no other. Everyone on staff deeply loves Jesus and students, bringing these two loves together in the relationship that they build with your students. Snowbird is not a once-a-year deal; it is a constant encouragement to your ministry and a partner with you and your students throughout the year.”

Our kids will never forget
“Gospel-centered, student-focused, an intentional and relational experience that our kids will never forget. The staff has been well-trained and are full of energy for the Gospel. They pour into the students everyday with passion and love.”

Ability to reach students
“As a youth pastor, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Not only for my students, but for my adult chaperones as well. The centrality of Christ is not only preached, but it is lived out in front of you from the summer staffers to the leadership team of SWO. God has blessed SWO with a unique ability to reach students of all types, from the athlete to the non-athlete, from the spiritually growing to the spiritually stagnant. SWO will always hold a special place in my heart and ministry.”

Not a traditional camp
“AWESOME place for students to be humbled and relationships with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to be made stronger. Much more than a traditional camp experience!! A camp where the name of Jesus is exalted through worship, breakouts, recreation and small groups.”

Late night Bible talks
“I enjoy this camp. The staff are spirit-filled. They love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. I look forward to going every year because we stay up late at night and talk about the Bible. I consider the teaching staff some of my best friends. There is a true fellowship in Christ at SWO. The Word is preached expositionaly, which is very rare. Christ is put in His rightful place, which is on the throne. He is the Sovereign God of the universe.”

A Challenge
“Snowbird was an emotional, mental and physical challenge that brought me closer to God, helped unify our youth group, and helped me trust myself more… ”

Great staff
“The staff is awesome. They are very genuine. I love the “in your face” Gospel presentations and practical ways of growing in our relationship with the Lord.”

Challenged by the Word
“Snowbird challenges students with the Word of God and not some shallow feel-good sermonettes like most youth camps.”

Bringing hope
“Our world continues to get worse. But I can honestly say that Snowbird is doing an incredible job of making it better. I cannot say that about many places these days.”

Have no fear
“The overall experience at Snowbird is to have no fear — not only when performing the recs but when leaving and going out into the community and witnessing. When you have Christ, you are not afraid.”

Well worth it
“Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters truly leads a person or group into a transforming experience with the living God. All the fundraising, paperwork, planning, and praying were well worth it!”

Flexing muscles
“Extremely impressed at the depth of the messages. They work out our spiritual muscles.”

Service to others
“An out-of-the-box experience. The sense of community along with service to others is what this camp is about. It’s a big family with big beards with one focus: To grow in Christ while pouring yourself into others.”

Jesus is everywhere
“Everything points to Jesus. The leadership loves and serves the students with genuine care. Jesus is all over this place.”

Christ is not boring
“There is no one else who does a better job impacting students in a week. You let the kids be kids, be crazy, have fun, but grow in Christ. Christ is not boring and they clearly see that at Snowbird”

The Gospel
“Everything is Gospel-centered. For that reason we will keep coming back”

Full package
“The real Gospel. The real Truth. Biblically sound. And recreationally, the bomb.”

“Snowbird truly is a partner with us in ministry; ministering to our students and helping us as leaders to minister to our students as well!”

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Johnny Hunt – FBC Woodstock, GA (Pastor)
“It is a real joy for me to commend to you the ministry of Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters. ”

Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner – The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
“I am happy to commend Snowbird’s ministry. They are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and desire to see young people saved and for them to grow in Christ.”

Zach Williams – The Lone Bellow
“I am eternally grateful for the Snowbird Outfitters staff’s relentless pursuit of God and the pure definition of ministry they displayed to me.”

Ben Dockery – Trinity International University 
“Choosing a camp is often a decision between a fun, beautiful, adventurous facility or strong leadership and great teaching for your students. At Snowbird, these two things collide. You’ll have an unforgettable experience and challenging Gospel-centered teaching from the Word of God. I love Snowbird Outfitters”

Brock Ray – Brock Ray’s World of Outdoors
“Over the last few years I have been able to develop a relationship with Brody Holloway and some of the folks at SWO. It has been an encouragement to me and the desire I have to impact students with the Gospel, through the use of the outdoors. These guys are passionate about students and about using ALL the tools God has given us to reach them with the love and message of the Gospel. I can honestly say that God changes lives at SWO.”

Billy E. Mauldin, Jr. – Motor Racing Outreach (President & CEO)
“Snowbird truly is a partner with us in ministry; ministering to our students and helping us as leaders to minister to our students as well!”