Bus SWO Journal

June 24, 2021   •   By:

Everybody loves a bus! Now you can remember all the fun memories from camp while writing notes.

Mountain Lines

May 13, 2021   •   By:

Did you know that Snowbird is named after a local mountain range? With this shirt you get a bird’s eye view of the Snowbird Mountains. Get it? Grab this t-shirt … Continue reading


May 13, 2021   •   By:

Is it patriotic? Check. Does it have the Flying B? Check. Does it bear striking resemblance to a major sports logo? Double check. What more could you want?

SWO Fanny Pack

May 13, 2021   •   By:

Hey the 90’s called and wanted to let you know that fanny packs are still pretty rad. The classics never go out of style. Cop these fresh jawns before they’re gone.

SWO Mountain Nalgene

May 13, 2021   •   By:

Hydration is key! This blue bottle with an awesome custom river graphic will make whatever you drink at least 100% more refreshing.

Long Sleeve

May 13, 2021   •   By:

If Snowbird was a college, this is the shirt you’d be wearing to our chilly, fall homecoming games. Since we’re not, you’ll just have to settle for rocking this long … Continue reading

NSR Hoodie

May 13, 2021   •   By:

Even though it’s summer, it still gets chilly at night in the mountains. This hoodie will keep you warm enough to keep the ruckus going till dawn. Always remember, at … Continue reading

Snowbird Sunglasses

July 21, 2020   •   By:

Sunglasses for the SWO Nation. Wear your colors proud!


August 27, 2020   •   By:

The Snowbird buff keeps your neck warm, your loyalties clear, and your muscles more buff (sometimes).