“Can I trust this camp to shepherd my students and keep them safe?”
“What if the camp is boring and the kids don’t want to come back?”
“What if the teaching is only silly stories and my pastor questions why we spent money to go?”

These are all legitimate questions that we understand here at Snowbird and have worked hard to answer in our past 20 years of camp ministry. We want you to get everything you possibly can out of your time here at Snowbird and we are confident that God will move in amazing ways in your time here.

Here are the 5 reasons that you should send your students to Snowbird:

1. Personal interaction with your students.

It does not take long to look around and realize that relationships matter to students in their day-to-day life. There is no replacement for personal interaction with your students, so we maintain a 4 to 1 student to staff ratio here at Snowbird so that we can consistently pour into the students on campus. Personal ministry, interaction and discipleship are core values to us and we want to do everything we can to engage, love and disciple your students while they are here.

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2. Top-flight fun.

At the end of the day, we want your students to have so many choices of things to do and have so much fun that they can’t help but want to come back to Snowbird as soon as possible. They’ll have the chance to choose from recreation options that range from paintball, ropes course, skeet shooting, lake tubing, whitewater rafting, horseback riding and a whole lot more. Your student will not be bored during their time here at SWO.

3. Location, location, location.

Snowbird is blessed to be nestled just outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Our location enables us to provide your students with a ton of fun in a variety of ways. In just a short bus ride from campus, you can have students hiking the Appalachian Trail, rafting the Nantahala River, or canoeing on Lake Nantahala. No matter where you go when you’re with us, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation while you are away from home.

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4. Bold, expositional preaching.

Our heart is to provide your students with preaching that is based on the Word of God and not the words of men. Exposition of God’s Word is a core value of who we are and we sow that into everything we do. All of the men who teach in our main worship sessions have 20+ years of experience in preaching in a student ministry context. Staff members, recreation and worship songs will come and go but it is God’s Word that will last and change your students’ lives forever.

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5. Faithfulness to proclaim the Gospel.

Our aim is to make known the authority and supremacy of Jesus Christ in all things, to all people, at all times. We seek to present the gospel in multiple avenues like expositional preaching, breakout sessions, carefully selected worship songs and creative arts like drama and video. Our staff are trained to engage students in gospel-centered conversations while they sit at meals or when they are on recreation.