SWO20 Breakouts

The SWO20 breakouts have been finalized! The schedule will look a little different from last summer, but you can be certain our teachers are prepped and ready to equip your students with Gospel-driven messages. We’ve been anticipating the start of summer more than ever and can’t wait to connect with you guys on these topics!

The purpose of our SWO Breakouts is to equip students and leaders to think biblically about topics and questions they face in their current context. While our main teachings sessions are verse-by-verse expositions of Bible passages, our breakout sessions are arranged topically covering practical issues in Christian discipleship.

Student Breakouts & Workshops


Idolatry is a serious problem in the Scripture… but is it a serious problem in our culture today? This workshop looks at what idols could be for Christians today and what desires lie underneath those idols. This workshop ends with a practical exercise to pinpoint and put to death idols in our own lives.

Making Wise Choices

It’s been said that “The choices we make—make us”. If our lives are shaped by our choices, how can our choices be shaped by God’s wisdom?  In this breakout, we will look at how to make wise choices, both on a daily level and for our lives as a whole.

Personal Bible Study

In this hands-on workshop we will go beyond learning the basic principles of Bible study.  We will model how to put those principles into practice as we walk through a passage of Scripture together.

Youth Pastor Breakouts

Conflict and Confrontation: Navigating Contentious Times with Biblical Wisdom

Too often, believers lack the biblical wisdom and practical skill needed to confront or handle conflict well. As a result, opportunities for pastoral care or personal connection become contentious, confusing and hurtful. This breakout for student pastors explores Biblical principles needed to navigate confrontation and conflict, both pastorally and personally, and maximize the opportunities for relational grace that conflict provides.

Defining Ministry Success

In this breakout for student pastors we will examine the common reasons so many of us feel unsuccessful in ministry and how to align our definition of ministry success with a biblical standard.

Preparing Your Students for Difficult Questions

If we believe the Bible then we must believe all of the Bible. We do not have the option of dismissing any part of it because of some kind of current, cultural pressure. And if we are going to be faithfully discipling our students in preparation for when they leave our ministry and embark on adulthood in the “real world” then we need to be preparing them for “real world” situations. In this session we will go over some often misunderstood teachings of the Bible and give clarity to help aid our students to be equipped at the onslaught they will most assuredly face in a culture hostile to God.

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