SWO Staff: Tara Scott

What is your role at SWO?

I am the Assistant Director of Housekeeping and I’m one of the leaders of the girls’ Servant Team program. During the year I run a crew of SWO Institute girls that work to keep things at camp ready for students and in the best condition. During the summer, I oversee the upkeep of camp and run a group of high-school girls that apply to serve all summer at camp growing in their faith and tackling different work projects. 

I have served at SWO year-round since 2014. I did Servant Team in 2013, worked the summer in 2014, interned in 2014-2015, and then transitioned into the housekeeping position in 2016. 

How did you get with Snowbird?

I came to SWO as a camper in 2008 but before that, my mom came as a chaperone for the youth group at our church in 2001. She remembers praying then that both of her daughters would serve in some capacity at SWO in the future—and we both have! 

Looking back I can’t remember why I decided to fill out the application for Servant Team in 2013. I had only been to camp years back. It was truly the Lord that brought Snowbird to my mind and led me to apply for that summer. Coming into that summer I didn’t know anyone or really what the summer was going to look like but the Lord stretched me so much and reshaped my idea of community and what it looks like to follow Him. It completely changed the trajectory of my life and I have seen the Lord’s faithfulness in that decision in every season since. From that first summer on, I knew the Lord wanted me at SWO to build me up and to be used as firm training/preparation ground for where He would lead me in the future. I am so thankful to have been given opportunities to serve at SWO from that first summer to now. 

What’s your favorite SWO memory?

So many of my favorite memories from SWO are wrapped up in the day to day moments that happen. It just so happens that a majority of the moments (that stand out the most) happen to be with Julie Waayan and all of the crazy situations we find ourselves in. 

What’s your favorite camp meal?

Baked potato hot-bar day. Or, any breakfast that serves bacon. 

What’s your favorite rec?

Anything that involves water: the river, puddle jumping, or any time spent on the lake. 

Your salvation story in 3-5 sentences.

I was so blessed to be born into a Christian home with parents that loved the Lord and taught me to know and love Him in the same way. I remember at a young age acknowledging my need for Him and having His vast grace and mercy meet me in that place. Growing up through seasons of strength and weakness, obedience and disobedience, the Lord has constantly reminded me of His faithfulness and love for me. And has been so faithful to grow me and mold me day by day. 

What is the Lord teaching you right now?

I am currently in a season of preparation. Preparing for SWO20 with completing work projects and getting teaching sessions ready for Servant Team. And I’m also preparing to welcome my first child, Mila Drew Scott (she’s due week 9!). The Lord has given me such a sweet time of slowness before all of those changes, to slow down and re-focus on who He is and what He has called me to. So I am definitely learning to be disciplined and press into this time and take full advantage of it. 

What are you currently reading?

I am in a few different places at the moment. I have been studying 1 Peter to prepare for this upcoming summer with the Servant Team girls and I’ve also been reading and studying through 1 Samuel. It’s cool to see the way that these books in Scripture intertwine and feed off of one another. It definitely has reminded me of the redemptive thread that spans all of Scripture. And the Lord’s steadfast promise to work salvation for His people. 

I am also reading (on the side) “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 ” and it gives such beautiful insight into that passage of Scripture! Everyone should read it. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My husband and I are currently both pursuing our bachelor’s degrees to hopefully be able to spend some time overseas sharing the Gospel with those who have never heard it. We both have had the opportunity to live different seasons of life in Africa and hope to return there with our family in the future. 

What is one thing you want the person reading this to know?

The Lord is in control of every detail of our lives. With that truth comes hope and peace that carries us forward from one step to the next. He is constantly at work, even when things don’t go the way we think they should. Each thing that happens to us is an opportunity to grow closer to Him, good or bad. He is sovereign over every day and every season. Looking back on my life thus far, it is so encouraging to see His hand in every step. And remembering past times of faithfulness brings hope to the future that He will be faithful then too. 

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