Rock Climbing with OLD School

Rock climbing is consistently a student favorite at the OLD School wilderness semester. The section starts with knots and belay training at the Snowbird property, then we progress to bouldering in the Pisgah National Forest. Don’t worry about arriving with tons of experience, there will be focused time to develop climbing skills and become comfortable on the rock.

The next several days are filled with top rope climbing to work on more hard skills like rappelling and anchor building. Then, we finish the section with multi-pitch climbing where students summit a 500 vertical-foot mountain together.

We see that the climbing section offers many things for those on their OLD School journey. Students perform technical skills, see stunning views, and begin to understand and reflect on what it’s like to live in a Gospel-centered community.

“I have seen the beauty of God’s creation like I never knew existed. I have experienced adventure in every way possible.”

“I learned how to sacrifice for others and accept when someone was sacrificing for me…working together as a group for the glory of God was the most amazing experience.”

“The OLD school semester was the most rewarding and awesome experience of my life thus far. I got to be a whitewater raft guide, go explore deep caves, climb high mountains, go sea kayaking, etc. I learned so much about who God is, how to study his word, and who I am in him. The semester challenged me in many ways that I had never imagined, and helped mold me into the man I am still becoming.”

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters