SWO19 Summer Breakouts

Student Breakouts

Spiritual Disciplines in a Social Media Age (Rob Conti)

In a day and age where so many things are competing for our time and devotion, it is more important than ever to take seriously the Bible’s command to train ourselves in godliness. In this breakout, we will look at the spiritual disciplines the Bible emphasizes and learn how to apply them to our lives to be more conformed to the image of Christ.

Is Jesus the Only Way? (Spencer Davis)

“Aren’t there many ways to God?” “How do we know Jesus is the right way and not another religion?” “How can Christians say they are right and that every other worldview is wrong?” These are important questions with which every believer has to grapple. In this breakout session, we will discuss if there can be multiple ways to God, if Christianity makes the most sense of the world we live in, and what Scripture says about it. 

The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus (Zach Mabry)

The truthfulness of the Gospel hinges on the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The Apostle Paul made it clear in 1 Corinthians 15 that if the resurrection of Jesus Christ didn’t take place, then our faith is empty and we will die in our sins. In this session, we will lay out a case for why we can trust in the fact that Jesus Christ really did rise from dead. And in knowing this, we can trust in God for our hope not only in this life but also in the life to come.

Dealing with Depression (Rob Conti)

Depression is a widespread affliction, but does the Bible actually talk about it? Yes, the Bible addresses both depression and anxiety and points us to the hope and peace we have in Christ. In this breakout, we will discuss the causes of depression, the complexities of what it means to be human (mind, body, soul), and where our ultimate hope lies.

Workshop: Making Wise Choices (Spencer Davis)

It has been said, “The choices we make — make us.” Now that’s a lot of pressure! If our life is shaped by our choices, how can our choices be shaped by God’s wisdom? How can we have confidence that we are doing the right things in the BIG life decisions like marriage, college, career? In this breakout, we will look at how to make wise choices, both on a daily level and for life as a whole.

Workshop: Resolving Conflict (Rob Conti)

We live in a world full of broken relationships. From divorce to abandonment to fighting with our best friends, we have grown accustomed to walking away from people and situations when things get hard. As believers, we are called to handle relationships in a much different way. The Bible gives us solid steps and principles to restore our relationships in a way that honors the Lord and gives a witness to the world around us of the unifying power of the Gospel.

Workshop: Corporate Worship (Zach Mabry)

Worship is more than just singing, but often involves singing. This is a workshop for those who are interested in learning more about leading others in corporate worship. We will talk about what worship is, what songs we should or shouldn’t sing, and our responsibility to lead in worshiping God in a way others can follow. 

Workshop: The Gospel Across Cultures (Dallas Bozeman)

Imagine sharing the Gospel across cultures. What does it look like? Did you imagine using your language, your Bible, and your stories? In this breakout, we’ll look at how a traditional Western view is merely one way of presenting the Gospel and how we can be most effective presenting all of Scripture, for all of life, to all the nations.

Leader Breakouts

Preparing to Teach the Bible (Rob Conti)

When preparing to teach the Bible in any context, it is imperative that we both faithfully interpret the Word of God and effectively communicate it to our audience. In this youth leader breakout, we will look at principles for identifying the main point of a passage and determining its application for our audience. 

Dealing with Burnout (Spencer Davis)

Pastors and youth pastors today often feel they are in a pressure cooker from things like the burden of the calling, the demands of ministry, and the scrutiny of others. Many ministers reach such a high point of ministry stress that they experience “burnout.” This breakout will discuss how to recognize, avoid and heal from burnout in a Christ-centered way. 

Preparing your Students for Cultural Engagement (Zach Mabry)

We have to train our students to be uniquely Christian in the culture in which we are living today. This means we have to be thinking about what is happening around us through the lens of the Christian worldview and be able to teach our students to do the same. In this session, we will lay a framework for cultural analysis and then look at some current cultural issues from the Christian perspective so we can train our students to do the same. 

Ministering to Sexual Abuse Survivors (Dallas Bozeman)

Sexual abuse has reached epidemic levels and our churches are not immune. Most survivors carry a yoke of shame and guilt. As ministry leaders, we should desire to be equipped with the hope and healing truths of the Gospel that move survivors from “damaged goods” to “child of God.”

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