SWO18 Summer Breakout Sessions


  • Beyond Accountability: Helping Students and Families in Their Fight Against Pornography – Spencer Davis – Tuesday @ 7:45 AM
    One of the biggest problems that students face today is pornography. In this breakout, we will look at practical strategies to help students and families in their fight. We will look at the root of the issue and at practical ways to fight that go beyond accessibility and accountability.
  • Self-Esteem – Spencer Davis – Tuesday @ 11 AM
    In a world that values intelligence, beauty, youth and athleticism, it’s easy to seem to not measure up. In this breakout, we will take a look at the Scriptures to see our true selves, recognizing that we may not have a beauty problem, but a value problem.
  • Creation: Science and the Bible– Zach Mabry – Tuesday @ 11 AM
    What do science and the Bible have to say about the beginning of the universe? This is an important question because we are not just asking about one isolated fact; we are talking about everything. In this breakout, we will discuss what view the Bible supports and what science has to say about it.



  • Errors to Avoid in Preaching – Zach Mabry – Wednesday  @ 7:45 AM
    One of the most important responsibilities we have as preachers and teachers is to “rightly divide the Word of Truth.” It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the resources and tools available. In this session, we will look at the common mistakes we make in teaching the Bible and offer suggestions on how to improve our teaching and preaching.
  • Guy Breakout – Dallas Bozeman – Wednesday @ 11 AM
  • Girl Breakout – Brody Holloway – Wednesday @ 11 AM



  • Church: The Most Segregated Hour In America and the Power of the Gospel to Unite Us – Rob Conti – Thursday @ 7:45 AM
    In this breakout, we will expose the blind spots of prejudice that have kept the Church segregated in America. The goal of this breakout is to consider the multiethnic nature of the universal Church and allow the Gospel to drive us toward racial reconciliation and unity in our local churches.
  • Giving an Answer for Your Hope – Zach Mabry – Thursday @ 11 AM
    Our culture is filled with excuses on why you shouldn’t believe in Christianity, and we are constantly getting bombarded with questions that can make us doubt our faith. This session will seek to dispute common objections to Christianity in order to strengthen our faith and to provide answers for those in need of the Gospel.
  • Race and the Gospel – Dallas Bozeman – Thursday @ 11 AM
    This generation, empowered and driven by the Gospel, has the opportunity to heal racial wounds that have long existed within America. In this breakout, we will discuss ways to live out the unity that the Gospel provides as individuals and as the Church.



  • How Did We Get the Bible? – Zach Mabry – Friday @ 11 AM
    Where did the Bible come from, and why should we trust it? Many of us have grown up in a Christian environment and see the Bible as one big book that God gave us. While this is true, the miracle of the Bible is that it was written by more than 40 human authors from all walks of life, on three continents, and in three different languages. In this session, we will talk about how the Bible came together and how that can solidify our confidence in it.
  • Missions – Spencer Davis – Friday @ 11 AM
    There are millions of people in the world today that have no access to the Gospel. In this breakout, we will look at the weight of the great need, at practical ways students can be active in missions now, and set a trajectory for faithful mission work in the future.


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