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2018 Pure & Holy Conference Sessions

We have been created by God and can find our fulfillment in living our lives by His Word. It is far too easy for us to come up with our own standards for purity and relationships without looking in Scripture to see God’s design. Our desire at the Pure and Holy Conferences is to examine the Scriptures to understand the purpose and gift of marriage. Scripture makes it clear that God’s will for our lives is our sanctification, and this extends to our sexual purity.

It is necessary for us to see the way we have adopted the world’s standards for relationships so we can be sure we understand God’s standards. Because we don’t naturally drift towards holiness, we need to be equipped to intentionally commit ourselves to what God has created us for and called us to. In doing this, we will be glorifying the Lord and appreciating the amazing gift God has given us in relationships.

  1. Relationship Firsts in History
  2. Wisdom Worth Guarding
  3. An Open Discussion on Relationships
  4. Guarding a Heart that Gives Life
  5. Don’t Trade Your Inheritance
  6. For God’s Glory and Our Good
  7. Glorify God in Your Sexuality

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