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Jesus in the Old Testament

The unfortunate reality for many of our churches today is that we have neglected the Old Testament because, well… it’s old. But we need to remember that this is God’s Word to us, and it still has value to the New Testament believer. It is through the study of the Old Testament that we can see more of the beauty of the Gospel as we reflect on the way that God was preparing His people for His Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Old Testament narratives reveal patterns and types that were shadows of the Gospel of Jesus. God used the history of the Jewish people to prepare the world for the life-changing message of the Gospel. Here are nine teaching sessions from the Winter SWO conferences:

  1. The Serpent Crusher
  2. Jesus: The Final Prophet
  3. Jesus: King of Kings
  4. Jesus: Our Great High Priest
  5. The Bronze Serpent
  6. The Rock was Christ
  7. Seeing Jesus in the Flood
  8. Seeing Jesus in the Story of Jonah
  9. The Road to Emmaus

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