Mountain Biking + Asheville Outreach RECAP

Hey guys! Here’s a quick recap from two of our shortest sections of the semester, Mountain Biking and Asheville Outreach.

Mountain Biking is two full days on a bicycle. Students started out on an easier trail in the area to get their feet wet and then they finish the second day on a more challenging trail nearby. Mountain biking is usually the section that most students have no experience with at all. It’s a new adventure the group gets to face together.

Immediately following Mountain Biking, students packed up and hit the road to go to Asheville, NC for a weekend in the city. While students were in Asheville they were challenged to have Gospel conversations with the people around them.  For some it was a little bit of a culture shock to be back in civilization after so many days spent in the wilderness but they got back into the groove of front country life fairly quickly.  It was so exciting to hear how the Lord challenged the students in different way through this experience.  Some students found themselves more timid to talk to a stranger but when they stepped out in faith they were blessed by the conversations they were able to have.  Other students didn’t have as hard of a time with talking to strangers but found their challenge was more to find ways in which they could steer their conversations towards the Gospel. Asheville is always a quick section but we have found that it is the section that really challenges students to put into practice the things they have been learning and talking about all semester. It’s a great intro to their final section in Atlanta, Georgia.

Following Asheville students geared up to go sea kayaking! More stories from sea kayaking coming to you soon!