The river section of OLDSchool is such a fun packed section. Students spent a lot of hours in the water. The first half of the section is Swift Water Rescue. We set up class by the river for a large portion of teaching. The students learned skills that required them to think critically and work as a team to solve problems they might face while working on the river. Some examples of the scenarios they practiced were foot entrapment, boat based scenarios, and crisis involving multiple victims. Our students this semester really excelled working as a group and practicing the new skills they had learned. Swift Water Rescue is a unique and very fun certification to obtain.

The second half of this section is full of playing and hitting the river as much as possible. Whitewater guide training started out on the lake where students learned the basic strokes and commands needed to guide and instruct a boat full of participants. The lake day is so much fun and helped students to get their feet wet, so to speak, before they experienced moving water. The rest of the section students took turns guiding different parts of the river. We believe in teaching our students to be well rounded guides. Ones that are aware of the seriousness of playing in whitewater and making sure safety is first and foremost in their minds. We also believe that being a great guide is having a good time. Students learned where and how you can spin your boat for a more fun ride down certain rapids, where to park your boat to jump off into swimming holes, and other rapids where you can surf your boat across the river.

Just like with backpacking these shared experiences continued to bond the students together. Students also sat under more biblical teaching from the book of Ephesians and got to share meals at different full time homes at night. The river section was packed and definitely a success. More updates about Caving and Primitive Skills coming to the blog soon! Stay tuned.