How Much Do You Know About the Protestant Reformation?

October 31, 2017, marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. We love the Bible. And, we love any chance we get to educate and equip Christians about God’s faithfulness to His Word and His glory.

You might have seen our Luther on Luther video series in the past, but this time we want to share some great resources about the Reformation that other ministries are providing this month.

Recommended Resources

  1. Here We Stand — Desiring God

    1. Daily blog and podcast series on key historical figures who stood firmly on the inerrancy and infallibility of God’s Word. You can subscribe to the 31 daily blogs or podcasts and get a great picture of the biblical doctrine and church history that drove the Reformation.
    2. Subscribe to the podcast
  2. The Next 500 Years — 2017 Ligonier Conference

    1. Watch the conference sessions for free!
  3. We Are Protestant — T4G Conference Sessions

    1. Some of our SWO staff partnered with the T4G 2016 conference as exhibitors and soaked up lots of truth. We’re headed back to 2018 T4G conference, so make plans to be there.
  4. The Reformation — 2017 SWO Breakout

    1. The Protestant Reformation is essential for the Christian because of the biblical doctrine it highlighted. Luther, Zwingli, and others were driven by conviction from the words of Scripture. Right biblical understanding drives right thinking, which drives right preaching and ultimately drives faithful Christians to act biblically.
  5. History of the Reformation — Zach Mabry Breakout

    1. Zach taught a breakout on the key events and people involved in the Protestant Reformation during SWO9 Summer Camp. Enjoy the throwback!