Backpacking RECAP

9 students, 3 instructors, and 14 days in the wilderness!

Backpacking was a blast. Students learned how to live in the backcountry for more than just an overnight. Our students come from many different places and backgrounds but they all thrived in the backcountry. This Fall semester is off to a great start.

The group started out altogether for the first few days, traveling as a group from campsite to campsite, stopping to take in God’s beauty along the way. The middle stretch of this section the girls and guys split up. It was a great chance for the girls and guys to bond separately. The guys explored some awesome swimming holes and the girls experienced some trail magic in the form of steak fajitas, which Emmerson had eagerly prayed for.

The group came back together to finish the section together and complete their full 14 days. When they returned home you could see the bonds and friendships that had formed among the group and it has us excited to see what the Lord has in store for the rest of the semester as the students learn more about themselves and each other.