OLDS – Sea Kayaking Recap

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For the first backcountry section of the Spring Semester, our students set out on their sea kayaking adventure. They had one day for a practice paddle and the next morning headed out on the full expedition. The group was split into a girls pod and a guys pod to make traveling easier and to allow for some good bonding time.

For a lot of our trips we have a Leader of the Day (LOD), a student who is responsible for setting the pace of the group, monitored group morale, and made final decisions (unless the proctors needed to step in.)  The guys took this role pretty seriously. They created a whole ceremony for passing on the LOD position. There was a special sponge they designated to symbolize the role of LOD. At the end of each day, the honor of obtaining the sponge would be passed on to the new leader.  However, they were forced to abandon this ceremony when the girls stole the sponge in the middle of the night, leading to a few “illegitimate captains.”

Sea kayaking is always full of some amazing sights.  There were plenty of dolphins playing around and sunsets and sunrises to which we got a front row seat.  But they were also treated to watching a proposal at sunset on one of the islands, which was a super neat moment to share with the couple (even if they may not feel the same way).  The boys also got to paddle out on the last morning in the dark, which might not sound exciting except for the fact that they got to witness bioluminescent algae. With every movement of the paddle, it was like the water was glowing around them.

Sea kayaking was a success and now students are immersed in the complete opposite climate — the Winter Expedition. They are about to begin backcountry skiing, ice climbing and winter camping. More updates on the semester are to come. Stay tuned!

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