Our 15 Most Visited Articles of 2016

The new year is here, and as our first snow has rolled in, so have our thoughts about the previous year. Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters exists to equip the Church to impact this generation, and one of the ways in which we do this is through our blogs and resources. Along with keeping you updated on the fun happening at SWO, we truly hope that you have found our content helpful in your ministry or even in your personal study of Scripture.


In case you missed them, we have compiled a list of the fifteen articles and resources that were most popular in 2016:

15.  SWO14 Jump In the House Playlist

You guys are still jumpin’ to tunes from two summers ago. This playlist features songs from jumping in the house and the block party of SWO14.

14. Missions Conference Sermon Audio

It’s not always easy being the light in the world we live in. Bobby Lane taught through John 3:17-18 and 2 Corinthians 4 at the 2016 Missions Conference. If you missed out, it’s not too late; listen to the sessions online!


13. Luther on the (W)NBA

The gender discrimination topic in North Carolina is a growing issue. In this video Luther discusses this and how one of the biggest sports organizations of the world is responding.

12. Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We all know that Luther is our most credible historian. In this video, he gives a brief, very semi-accurate history lesson on St. Patty himself.

11. SWO16 Worship Band Chords

If you enjoyed the songs of SWO16, you can take a peek at the worship chords the band used. The crew’s personal notes are included as well.

10. Just Like That

There is much labor that goes into summer camp for all the staff, and SWO16 was no different. Bethany Clark discusses what we experienced as a staff and what the closing of a summer looks like for those that served.

9. SWO16 Staff: Howie

Former Navy Master Chief Howie Simpkins is an atypical summer staffer but serving here had a great impact on the students he served as well as on his own life. In this update, he shares about his calling to summer staff.

8. Identity

If we are in Christ we have a new, redeemed identity; this was the focus of SWO16. Watch the promo video for SWO16 here.

7. At The Cross

SWO17 is coming soon! The cross is central to the Gospel, and this article revealed this to be our focus of the upcoming summer.

6. SWO17 Video: Eden

You guys must be just as excited for SWO17 as we are! Until it arrives, check out the second SWO17 promo video: Eden.

5. Soldiers, Athletes and Farmers

For the first session of the Be Strong men’s conference, Brody taught out of 1 Timothy 2: 1-9. Paul describes what biblical manhood looks like using soldiers, athletes and farmers as examples. If you missed out, listen to the session online.

4. Husfriend and Wifi

Marriage in a true, biblical context is offensive to many people today, but there’s something inside of each of us that understands that marriage exists as a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman. In this article, Zach Mabry addresses the same-sex marriage issue in today’s world.

3. Download Songs from the SWO Band

If you’re interested in putting worship songs you’ve heard at SWO16 onto your personal playlists, download them here.


2. SWO16 Jump In the House Playlist

Jumpin’ in the house seems to be popular among you guys. Follow our SWO16 Jump In The House playlist on Spotify to listen on the go.

1. SWO16 Spotify Playlist

The most-visited resource of the year was the SWO16 summer worship playlist! Follow this playlist on Spotify and continue to worship with us.



Thank you for your support of and involvement in our ministry here at SWO. Continue to stay tuned by subscribing below. We look forward to serving you this year!

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