Advice to Future OLDS Students

“An OLD School semester is a chance to combine once in a lifetime experiences with teaching from God’s Word.” – Micah Waltman

Last semester we asked our students, “What advice would you give a future OLD School student?” Here’s what they said!

Be intentional with your time. Be present now. The future will worry about itself. LUKE LAGUIO


Hang out with the proctors on off days, read your Bible every morning, make lots of inside jokes, and be present. NOAH ROHM


Everything goes by really fast, so live in the moment. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and be willing to do things you think are impossible. Be happy and have fun even in the strenuous and difficult situations. ALEAH HEYWORTH


Be intentional with every section and every teaching. Never take anything for granted because that’s how you will really grow. Also recognize that it is a discipleship school first. JAMES HAYWARD


Don’t take things too seriously. It’s about having fun, learning, growing, and enjoying the time. Don’t get frustrated if you feel like you’re doing poorly. Be gracious, let yourself learn, and have fun. RACHEL GEARHART


I know this is advice that was given to me a ton, but take each moment and soak it in. Use each day wisely and don’t take the community and the experiences for granted. ELIZABETH BALES (CHAPMAN)


Come to the table empty and be prepared for God to work wonders. Trust the process and live in the moment. JESSE ABBOTT


Take every opportunity. Be vulnerable. Seek out discipleship and seek how you can disciple others following the semester. Throw yourself out there. JEREMY REYES


Be super intentional about your time here. Take it seriously. It goes by so fast and you don’t want to waste your time here and miss out on a ton of growth. Be in the Word daily. If you can’t get up everyday and study here then you’re not going to when you go back home. ZACH SAMMONS