OLDS16 Recap – Refugee Outreach Edition


To end the semester, our students had the opportunity to spend time working with a state side mission organization that works closely with refugees. This section was very educational about the basics of missions, and the students were able to really experience the different cultures. They encountered religions like Islam and Hindu as well as people from Sudan, Kenya and lots of other middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia.

Students were able to connect with missionaries that were intentionally living alongside the refugees. They were very encouraged by the hearts and passion that were evident in the missionaries lives.

Students also had the opportunity to visit an International Church, a Hindu Temple and a Mosque during their visit. Students said their time spent in these places deeply burdened their hearts for the people worshipping  false gods and studying false religions.

Our proctors were very impressed with the time spent with this missions organization as well as the response our students had towards these unreached people groups. This section was a great way to send our students back out into the world to go make disciples. They have been deeply poured into throughout the semester and now it’s time to put what they’ve learned into practice.