OLDS Recap – Mountain Biking


Short and sweet. That describes the Mountain Biking section. The shortest and arguably the most exciting of all the sections that make up an OLD School semester. Two days of nothing but riding bikes, being with friends outside, and sore bodies. The OLD School crew braved the smoke caused by local forest fires (no students have been harmed by the forest fires in Western North Carolina) and opted outside to build community around recreation during our time in-town preparing for our next wilderness adventure.

Riding a bike is something many of us learn at a young age. However, riding a bike up and down steep hills over rocks, roots, mud, and gravel may have not been the setting you chose when you decided to take off those training wheels. We were up for the challenge, riding at our own pace for the sake of fun, but also pushing ourselves to have the best ride. Every student pushed themselves to the limit, and some paid the price in the form of bruises, scrapes, and scars. Nonetheless, there were smiles all around. From the fastest rider who hit every jump to the slow goer who found every obstacle along the way, it was a shared experience that provided challenge and restoration simultaneously. We could all be kids again and ride our bikes as hard as the day is long.

We see this in our lives as believers and followers of Jesus Christ. Restorative and challenging at the same time. Restoration and redemption is accomplished by the blood of Jesus, and we have the Holy Spirit as guarantee. Yet, daily we are called and challenged to live a life glorifying to God. This challenge cannot be faced without the restorative work of the Gospel in our lives, and restoration happens when we receive the challenge out of our need for Christ. As sinners we are redeemed, and as followers we are given responsibility. All by the grace of God and for His glory!

For a couple days this wilderness semester gave us the tools needed to successfully go mountain biking, but we still had to get on the bikes, pedal, steer, and ride. As Christians we have been given the tools to live a life glorifying to God everyday through Scripture, the Church, and the Holy Spirit. But, we still must die to ourselves daily, pick up our cross, and follow. Be encouraged, the OLD School family is having a great time learning new skills, building community, and making memories. They are also taking advantage of this time to experience Christ all around them, knowing that soon they will leave this oasis for life after OLD School, where hopefully they will feel restored and readily challenged to boldly live out their faith for the sake of the Kingdom.

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