Scholarship Story: Goshen Valley Ranch


Goshen Valley Boys Ranch is a boys home in Georgia that is a part of Snowbird because of the SWO Scholarship program. If you’re still looking for reasons to donate to the SWO Scholarships during #GivingTuesday, this conversation might help clarify some things. We interviewed Don Baines, the Activities Director at Goshen Valley.

Have you seen an impact on the students who attended SWO?

Absolutely, without question. Here are just a few examples.

  1. Simply stated, our Goshen residents are provided the chance to have fun in new and exciting ways while in a positive environment.
  2. With the amazing recreation, SWO provides Goshen Valley Staff the opportunity to enjoy and bond with the guys we work with. Our staff can encourage our guys to overcome their fears on the swings and cheer their successes on the climbing walls. Also, our staff can play, laugh, and create memories right alongside our guys in paintball, archery tag, foam pit, and many other activities.  
  3. Goshen’s youth are introduced to Christ and encouraged to place their trust in Him.
  4. Our boys have the opportunity to connect with SWO’s staff.  SWO’s staff are close to our students in age and their willingness to engage our youth really makes a difference.

What has the partnership with SWO meant to you? 

Snowbird is a very special and unique place. The Spirit of Christ permeates throughout the organization. I greatly respect the organization and the staff of Snowbird. My relationship with SWO started over 15 years ago and I am richer person because of it. Christ called me to work alongside young people who find themselves living away from their families. I am in awe of Snowbird’s willingness to invest themselves into the lives of youth in foster care and their commitment truly reflects the heart of Christ.

What would you like to say to the donors who gave money in order for scholarships to be provided? 

Thank you for giving our youth in the state foster care system the opportunity to experience Snowbird. I know that the lives of our youth can be changed for a lifetime after spending a weekend or week at Snowbird.

– Don Baines / Activities Director
Goshen Valley Boys Ranch

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*Goshen Valley Boys Ranch is the flagship program of the Goshen Valley Foundation. It is a home for 46 young men, ages 8-18, living in the Georgia state foster care system. Goshen Valley is a family-based model of care. There are 6 homes, and a full-time house parent couple cares for each young man who comes to the Ranch. Young men are surrounded by love and care through intentional relationships and programs that focus on hope and healing.

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