Proctor Spotlight – Hamilton

Last but not least, we want to introduce to you one more proctor for the Fall 2016 Semester.


Meet Hamilton.
Main sections Hamilton will be leading:
Backpacking, River Training, and Sea Kayaking

Originally Hamilton had planned to come work for OLD School in the spring but instead God opened and closed doors and switched it around for him to serve here this fall semester. Hamilton has served on summer staff in 2012.

Hamilton is most excited about building relationships with students and staff and the discipleship opportunities with students. He looks forward to watching as the group grows and learns together throughout the semester – and there’s no better setting than in God’s beautiful creation to experience all these things.

Hamilton loves all kinds of recreation but he lights up when he is on the water rafting or canoeing.

When ask to describe his “DREAM SANDWICH” he created his masterpiece:
A good Philly cheese steak with a soft bun and a lot of cheese and a good amount of beef.

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