OLDS16 – Proctor Training



Hey y’all, this is Erin and Glendon, two of the proctors for the fall semester! We just wanted to give you some insight into what it took to train us for the fall!

We spent a good amount of time in town, doing everything from climbing preparation to brushing up on backcountry skills and also working on gear inventory. The most challenging part was probably the soft skills, which is the interpersonal aspect of the semester. We’re carrying a heavy burden in discipling and leading these students, but it’s a call that we all have as believers, so it’s an absolute joy to bear it.

The sea kayaking scout was incredible! We went to lake Nantahala, which is set in the mountains and is stunning. We got to navigate on the water and practice rescue techniques in the comfort of the mountains–an absolutely perfect trip!



We also went on scouting trips for caving and backpacking, which were a blast. We jumped in the fun bus and headed to Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama for several days of caving prep. We arrived at the first cave grabbed our gear and headed to the entrance! If you have never been in a cave – as soon as you reach the entrance you can feel the cool cave air. We said a prayer, turned on our headlamps and entered the dark cave.  We spent the next few hours crawling, climbing, sliding around and ended by wading out of the cave in a stream. We then loaded back up in the bus and headed to the next destination to explore a few more caves. This was my favorite scouting trip, getting to crawl around in the mud like a kid again.

The next and last scouting trip was a multi-day backpacking trip. We hit the trails to train where we’ll be taking the OLDS 16 students backpacking. This trip, we focused on studying the maps, locating campsites, learning the trails and bonding with each other. We split into cook groups and put our cooking skills to the test on our MSR whisperlite stoves. This section was great bonding time for all the staff, getting to sit under a tarp in the rain around our camp stoves sharing stories. Not only did we love spending time together exploring in the backcountry, we also felt more prepare for students to arrive.